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Sestřel nepřátele co nejrychleji, abys získal maximum bodů.
Shoot anything that moves.
Vystřílej vesmír a bacha - nejsi nesmrtelný.
This is the sequel to A. L. I. A. S. with 3 difficulties level to choose from.
Vesmírná střílečka, ve který máš za úkol vystřílet co nejvíc asteriodů, co do...
You take a role of a commando. Your task is to defend military base situated ...
Throw snowballs at the moose.
Control alloy to attack the enemies. Find out about combo move for maximum da...
Bad guys are in your backyard, get rid of them.
The enemy has occupied this area, waste as many bad guys you can before they ...
Target Practise with a twist - the targets are hanging on balloons!
Harrys evil twin, Barry, doesn't like owls.
Take control of a lone soldier abandoned by his army as they flee the all con...
Just blast the robots on screen
Get Bush out of the White House that is under terrorists attack
Firing cannon onto the sky, hit 35 planes to clear a stage
Human's Mars colony where attacked by aliens from faraway planet Zorgius. Leg...
Use your stonezooka to survive in this lethal world.
Nobody likes clowns, so do what should have been don long-long time ago.
Command your penguin squad in order to gain power over the Antarctica ice ter...
1st Person shooter using graphic from the Counter Strike games
Flash version of popular shooting game.
Shoot the enemies to score points.
Kill the bad guys and save the city.
Statečně se ujměte vlády nad kanonem a střílejte balony tak, abyste zlikvidov...
Vyber si podle nálady, na kterou stranu se přidáš. Chceš zaujmout místo ďábla...
Destroy enemy fighters, battle cruisers and everything else that gets on your...
Zachraň může v řetězech střílením do jejich pout a odstraněním všeho, co jim ...
Fight your way through different levels and try to defeat all three dragon bo...
Drive by shooting - shoot all windows, pedestrians, trash cans and even cops
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